Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga

This video might be taken down soon so watch it while you can and spread the word.

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Movie Update # 1

So I’m writing a script and so that’s a thing. I’ll birth a movie sometime this year,

With what I got written this is going to be great. It’s green lit for filming this summer.

What I can tell you so far is that most of my favorite movies have a lot of influence on final product so “Road Warrior”  and “Goodfellas” 

I have a great local director providing all the equipment and giving in some time to direct as well.

The more people I tell about the movie the more people I have helping out,  Originally this was just a short story but my good writer buddy said it would make an excellent movie. So we have been co writing it for the last month now every so often but now that this is getting bigger we talk during our lunch break every day. 

More updates on the way and I might even post the art this girl made for it sometime soon.  I might be posting early drafts soon for feedback and suggestions.